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2021 Small Business Owner Report

Published on 30/06/2021 Tag: Business owners, coronavirus

2021 Small Business Owner Report

Small business owners have started to regain their footing as economic confidence and business revenue expectations bounced back significantly from levels seen last fall. The coronavirus brought on significant challenges for business owners. Many took advantage of programs and resources to help navigate the pandemic. Business owners say running their business is fulfilling, enjoyable and interesting, while also acknowledging it is very demanding. When asked about running their business in the context of the pandemic, more than half say they’ve felt determined/resilient, followed by stressed, anxious and hopeful.

Invest in a Franchise

Published on 31/05/2021 Tag: Franchise

Invest in a Franchise

If you are still nervous about making the leap into the unknown as a buyer, why not consider buying a franchise? Franchising gives you the backing of experienced management teams and financial resources that are able to remain comparatively stable during times of economic uncertainty. You will, however, be wise to carefully vet the franchise that you invest in to make sure that they do have the experience and clout that will act in your favour. If you are overly worried about an unstable market, consider franchises that have stood the test of time or those that are in demand during recessions.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Doing Business 2020 in Singapore

Published on 11/05/2021 Tag: covid-19, buy business, sell business

The Impact of Covid-19 on Doing Business 2020 in Singapore

Are you worried about how the coronavirus will affect the sale or purchase of your business? In fact, it is the ideal time for buyers who are looking for an investment and, therefore, sellers will still have the opportunity to sell. The Singapore economy is expected to see a gradual recovery over the course of the year. The GDP growth forecast for 2021 is maintained at “4.0 to 6.0 per cent.


Published on 25/09/2017 Tag: 新加坡投资移民


新加坡投资移民计划(Global Investor Programme),又可称为全球投资者计划。旨在吸引国际人才到新加坡投资,是由新加坡贸工部经济发展局和新加坡人力部共同推出。投资方案根据本计划的规定,您可以选择以下任何一种投资方案:方案A:投资至少两百五十万元新币建立新的商业实体,或者扩充现有的商业运营。方案B:投资至少两百五十万元新币予一支全球商业投资者计划基金。全球商业投资者计划申请资格通过全球商业投资者计划申请永久居民,您必须拥有:丰富的商业经历;以及成功的创业背景。全球商业投资者计划申请评估标准您必须拥有至少三年的创业经历,并提交您的公司最近三年经审计的财务报告。该审计报告必须由一家认可的会计事务所完成。- 例如:-对于新加坡注册公司,会计事务所必须是一家新加坡会计与企业管制局注册的公众会计公司或会计有限责任合伙;- 对于美国注册公司,会计事务所必须是由美国公众公司会计监督委员会所发布的《注册会计事务所名单》中的...

Franchise Your Business With Us

Published on 11/12/2015 Tag: Franchise, Franchise Marketing

Franchise Your Business With Us

Franchising your business is a proven route to rapid growth. Data from the International Franchise Association shows that of the 105 companies that started selling franchises in 2008, more than 40 had not reported the sale of their first unit by the end of 2009. How to sell your franchise, in other words, how to franchise your business? Make your brand become a household name. You definite will think about how to find franchisees and convince them to buy your concept. You may h...

Sell The Business To The Right Audience

Published on 01/10/2015 Tag: Right Buyer, Business Buyer, Find Buyer

Who will become your right buyer? 1  Have a clear idea of who will likely be interested in your business. You can’t sell a beef burger to a vegetarian, and you can’t sell your business to someone who has absolutely no interest in buying. Figure out what type of person is most likely to be interested, and then think about the best place and method of reaching your target. •    Does your business appeal to anyone looking to buy a business or will you be more likely to...

10 Tips On How Select The Right Business Broker

Published on 01/01/2015 Tag: Business Broker, Select Broker

1. Compatibility between a Business Broker and your business The first thing to look for in an ideal business broker is the industry he/she is working in. One of the similarities that you should share with your business broker is the industry. Broker who is fully compatible with your industry has an advantage of quickly identifying the target buyers and tailor the ads and the marketing campaign accordingly. This will result in quick sales with fair value obtained from sales.  2....

Avoid Business Sale Myths

Published on 11/12/2014 Tag: Myth, Sell Business

The typical business owner will only sell a business once. Understanding the complex process involved will help produce the best results. But don’t fall prey to the myths that can derail or seriously affect a potential sale. Myth #1 – I Can Sell It Myself Many owners believe they’re qualified to sell their business without professional assistance. Many owners are entrepreneurs and the key salesperson for the company. But selling a business is not like selling a product or service. ...

How to Value Your Business

Published on 11/11/2014 Tag: Sell Business, Business Valuation

As a business owner considers placing his or her company on the market, ascertaining the proper value for the company is critical. Too often the owner assigns an unrealistic and unachievable arbitrary value then proceeds into the sale process only to be disappointed with the market’s response. As a result, the asking price is reduced several times. During this unfortunate period buyer prospects and valuable time is lost. In truth, a company’s value is determined by a compilation of factor...

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